Monday, October 17, 2016

Blog Tour: Seducing the Marquess by Callie Hutton

Richard, Marquess of Devon is satisfied with his ton marriage. His wife of five months, Lady Eugenia Devon, thought she was, too, until she found the book. Their marriage is one of respect and affection, with no messy entanglements such as love. Devon’s upbringing impressed upon him that gentlemen slake their baser needs on a mistress, not their gently bred wives. However, once married, he was no longer comfortable bedding a woman other than Eugenia. When she stumbles onto a naughty book, she begins a campaign to change the rules.

Lady Eugenia wants her very proper husband to fall in love with her. But her much changed and undeniably wicked behavior might inadvertently drive her confused husband to ponder the unthinkable—his perfect Lady has taken a lover. But the only man Eugenia only wants is her husband. The book can bring sizzling desire to the marriage or it might cause an explosion.

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1. Describe yourself in three words.  Happy. Friendly. Upbeat.

2. How did you start writing Romance? I read romance for years, ever since I discovered Judith McNaught. I have been writing all my life, newspaper and magazine articles, newsletter for my job at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City years ago, and I always intended to write a book. In 2010 I went to a panel at the Oklahoma State Library that was featuring local romance authors. I sat there and listened to them and said ‘I can do this.’  I quit my job and began writing. Sold my first book a year later and never looked back.

3. What’s your favorite love scene from a movie?
When Rhett Butler scoops up Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind and says “By God there will only be two people I my bed tonight,” then races up the stairs to their bedroom. I still get goosebumps thinking about that. 

4. What’s your wildest fantasy?

Time travel. As a history major in college, I would love to travel to different time periods to see how the people actually lived, dressed, worked, and ate. We tend to see people from the past like a still life painting because we are looking at drawings or pictures. But they breathed, lived, ate, became ill, fell in love, lost loved ones. 

5. If you were to lose one of your senses, which would you rather lose and why?

Probably hearing. Especially with all the noise pollution and trash we’re subjected to on a daily basis. I could live without that.

6. Is there anything else you want your reader to know?  

Yes. I love my readers, and I love when I hear from them. One of my favorite emails was from a reader who said one of my series got her through chemotherapy. Nothing beats that. 


Boxers or Briefs? Commando

Top or Bottom? Either. Depends on the mood

Pajamas or nude? No pajamas, prefer skimpy underwear.

Hairy chests or smooth? Hair. Within reason.

Alpha or Beta? Beta who turns Alpha when you need it the most.

Callie Hutton, USA Today bestselling author writes both Western Historical and Regency romance with “historic elements and sensory details” (The Romance Reviews).

Callie lives in Oklahoma with several rescue dogs, two adult children, a daughter-in-law, twin grandsons and her top cheerleader husband (although thankfully not all in the same home!). Living in the Midwest provides plenty of opportunities for Callie do pursue her interests: researching history, meeting readers, spending time with her adorable two year old twin grandsons, and discovering new adventures.

Callie loves to hear from readers and welcomes the opportunity to become friends, both in person or virtually.


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